Eddy Bøgh Brixen has worked as a consultant in the field of acoustics and electro acoustics since 1975 when first employed with the Danish Technological Institute, Acoustics Dept., and later at Danish Acoustical Institute and DELTA, Danish Electronics, Light and Acoustics.

Since 2002 he has continued this work as an independent consultant with EBB-consult. This work has been combined with teaching at major educational institutions in Denmark.

EBB-consult is basically a one-man company. However, being independent provides the opportunity to select corporation partners, such as fellow acousticians, architects, contractors, project managers, etc.

Eddy Bøgh Brixen was the co-author of a standard for sound in Danish Cinemas (Anbefalinger til Biograflyd - Recommendations for Cinema Sound) and a part of the Nordtest Standards Committee for NT ACOU 108: In situ measurements of permanently installed public address systems. He is the co-author of “Akustik og lyd der bevæger” – Acoustics and sound that moves (published by Lokale- og Anlægsfonden). He holds the chair of Audio Engineering Society, Technical Committee on Microphones and Applications. He is the author of a number of text books of which one is pub.

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Acoustic and electro acoustic design

  • Defining the acoustical qualities of the room in the perspective of its use.
  • Define/specify the objective sound quality requirements of this room.
  • Define/specify the acoustics for obtaining the sound quality defined.
  • Defining/specify the need for electro acoustic equipment to support the purpose of the room.
  • Modelling of acoustics and electro acoustics, normally using EASE (see images below).
  • Alignment of electro acoustical equipment to meet the relevant standards.
  • Documentation of the results obtained.

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Acoustic and electro acoustic design

General consulting, acoustics, electro acoustics

Acoustic models (EASE) used for all major projects, nearly 100 projects of acoustical refurbishing, sound studios, board rooms, sacred places, concert halls, exhibition venues, etc.

TV2|News and TV2|Radio (national broadcaster, DK)

Acoustic design of main news studio and design/redesign of several TV-, sound studios and control rooms. General consultant on acoustics. Sound design for large productions (TV-productions, i.e. national election, etc.)

DR, Danish Broadcasting (national broadcaster, DK)

General consulting, acoustics in radio- and TV-studios, control rooms, concert halls; redesign, noise issues, electro acoustic design, specification, training, documentation, etc, etc.

Jyske Bank BOXEN, Herning

Acoustic design of multipurpose venue: Volume: 230.000 m3 In concert setting: audience 15.000. Reverberation time: 1.5 sec (occupied).

The Royal Play House (”Skuespilhuset”)

Electro acoustic design, main stage including a system for both stage and auditorium. Acoustics for “Portscenen”. Acoustics in set designs.

The Royal Opera, Copenhagen

Design of an electro acoustic system supporting singers on stage. (Results presented in the paper: “Optimising Stage Acoustics by the Aid of Electro Acoustics” Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics by Brixen and Wolther).

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Acoustic design/transformation of “B&W Hallerne” from shipyard (13.2 sec. reverberation time) to tv-studio and concert venue.

Also: consultant in connection with acoustical optimization of set designs for acoustical performances.

Eyeball, Copenhagen

Design of a private dubbing and mixing facility for film and TV. In this design emphasis was put on diffusion/scattering.

Radio24syv (national Broadcaster, DK)

Acoustic design of radio studio complex (five studios) in an area with heavy traffic in the surroundings.

Audio Planet, Copenhagen

Acoustics design of a facility for music mastering and a 5.1 mix room for music and documentary production.

Oil rig, Ekofisk, Concert Hall /Conference Room

Acoustic and electro acoustic design of a multi-functional room placed on an oil rig in the North Sea.

Christians Kirke, Copenhagen

Optimizing pipe organ by means of electro acoustics. (Finalized 2014).

Design of Acoustic Modules

A series of acoustic modules (six absorbers and one Schroeder-type diffuser) to cover each their part of the frequency range.

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Some of EBB-consult’s trusted ad hoc partners in projects

Voetmann Akustik Jan Voetmann www.akustikjav.dk
Flex Acoustic Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen www.flexac.com
Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter Thomas Scheel www.vla.dk
Sicom A/S
Peter Schmidt www.sicom.dk
IAC-Nordic A/S
(acoustics and ventilation)
Philip White www.iac.nordic.dk
Miljöakustik Magnus Gustavssonwww.miljoakustik.se
Project Management
H. Chr. Andersen Consult ApS Henning Andersen www.haconsult.dk

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